Hello! I’m Wendy and I have been on a path of discovering not only my truth but delving into the Universal Truth for the past 20+ years. I am a QuickBooks expert by day and a personality type enthusiast and modern mystic by night. It is not surprising that I have an intense love of learning and deep-diving into topics being that I am an Enneagram 1w9, Sagittarius Sun/Virgo Rising, 4/6 Manifestor, and an INFJ. I love anything that helps me understand myself and others better and along the way, I have found that in truly understanding myself I came to understand my place in a spiritual sense as well.

My first love was the Enneagram, which is amazing for assisting in personal and spiritual growth. Understanding the various levels of your Type is essential. However, many people mistype themselves. It is important to look at the basic fear and basic desires to make sure you resonate with them, or it is not your type. I have a page with some resources that I am hoping to expand on over time.

My second love was Astrology. I primarily dove into Astrology so that I could understand my purpose and my life path. It also became a great way to match compatibilities with potential life partners and see pitfalls that I may encounter in relationships with others. Diving into Astrology naturally paved the way to Human Design/Gene Keys. Where Astrology can be more subjective and fluid, Human Design is very specific and logical. There is so much depth to both I could literally spend the rest of my life studying it (and may!).

My most recent love is Myers-Briggs. It may be odd that that one is the most recent considering how mainstream it is. However, I mistyped in college and never really resonated with it so I thought it was a flawed system. It wasn’t until 2022 that I retook the test and discovered just how accurate and amazing Myers-Briggs really is. Deep diving into the function stacks has also helped me to fully understand how other people actually go about their thinking processes and have compassion for everyone’s design.

Of course, I have spent time learning about DISC Model, love languages, birth order, and anything else related to personality typing. They all offer something unique to the individual and serve separate purposes. Of course, there is overlap, but each one is worthy of learning and I wouldn’t exclude any of them if I had to do it over again. I hope to continue to build content that will be useful to people. In the meantime, my blog gives my perspective on the various life encounters I have had over the years. I hope you enjoy my perspective.

Live the truth, stand in the light, face the music, and be free.