Don’t Over Think It

December 2, 2022

Have you ever noticed that people who are oblivious seem to be protected by the Universe? I have been in awe so much of my life by people who are not big thinkers just going about life with invisible bumpers on them that seem to protect them. For example, my mother is a very frustrating and not particularly evolved person but she believes God will provide her with parking spaces and protect her from harm. She drives like a blind, drunk sailor. However, she rarely has any problems arise and when she does she skates through it without major conflict. It is like 1,000 angels are surrounding her car making sure she gets to where she is supposed to go. People she interacts with feel sorry for her and cut her a break, even though she isn’t particularly nice. She just exudes “take care of me” and those around her do.

Certainly, you’ve seen other people like that. The airheads that it never occurs to them that they don’t deserve less and end up with a great partner and the amazing life that they neither earned nor really even seem to appreciate. They just expect that life will provide for them, and it does. Conversely, you know the one who is like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh who walks around expecting disaster and seems to find every negative thing that life has to offer. The rain cloud of disappointment just lurks above them waiting for the crap of life to fall. They expect life to piss on them and they exude the attitude of “treat me badly” and those around them do.

Do you see a trend? I have been listening to YouTube videos from Abraham Hicks and am finally realizing that having positive thoughts is not just a “sort of” thing. It is a way of life if you want good things to happen. It also appears that the more thoughts you put into something, the more you are likely to fowl it up. Having spent time learning from Joe Dispenza, there really is something to setting an intention in your meditation and then dropping it. Be like the airhead that assumes the Universe is waiting like a lap dog to provide for you and expect it to happen without overthinking it. When we overthink things, it is like the hover-mother critiquing every move of their poor child trying to get something done. Imagine that you’re making the Universe nervous and it can’t do its best with you looking over its shoulder giving instructions on every step. Set it and forget it!

As a side note, have you ever noticed that when you are around some people you are compelled to treat them in a certain way? I have a son that exudes negativity so I am compelled to argue with him and push him regardless of whether he “deserves” it. I have met people that I felt compelled to be unkind to, and even if I didn’t follow my notion I disliked them for no reason. I was amazed by a lady I met recently who just radiated to be ignored. It was so hard to even want to talk to her. We really need to be careful about where our thoughts go because they become the magnet for how we are treated.

It is my intention to continue to emit a positive attitude that I believe the Universe can and will bless me greatly. It isn’t about deserving or achieving, any more than our children have to deserve or achieve for us to give to them. I find ways to bless my children because they exist and I love them. Yes, if they behave badly there are consequences just like if I choose something that isn’t for my highest good I may suffer for it. However, the Universe is ready and waiting to bless us if we open our hearts and minds to be blessed. Regardless of getting a good parking place, we may just find that other people are more apt to like us!

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